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Let's try this again... I asked this a week ago, but the question was never reviewed and doesn't show up in my questions...

I am running two instances of MySQL on my machine, one on port 3306 one in 3400. When I try to import the model from the 3400 instance, the connection is still being attempted with 3306 even with the proper setting in the dialog.

Is this a known issue?

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Sorry for the delay, I'm not sure why your original post wasn't notified.

Regarding the issue, we will check it.

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I just tested it and everything works as expected. I created a docker instance of MySQL on port 3308.

When I tried to connect via 3306 port, I received:

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and when updated the port to 3308, the wizard correctly detect the instance and import is made from this 3308 port:

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and import process:

enter image description here

So I believe there is no issue with port selection in the wizard import dialog. Can you please try it on your side and let me know? If the issue still remains, please provide me with more information on how to simulate it.

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Did you try having both databases up and connecting to the non standard one? In my experience that leads to it connecting to the wrong one. Slightly different scenario from connecting to a different standard port.


I just tested it to be sure and yes, it's working correctly too.

I created two DB instances, on 3306 and 3308. I created DB db3306 on port 3306, and db3308 on port 3308. Here are the results:

enter image description here

enter image description here

When I proceed the import, Skipper correctly shows table3308 imported:

enter image description here

So I'm sure the import process is working as expected. The issue you're describing has to be caused by something else in your configuration.

If possible, please simulate the same process with dockers as I described here.

Thank you so much for taking the extra time to investigate. Sorry for the delayed response, this is for a weekend project :-). I will try this again on my side and report back.