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Is there a way to define hasmanythrough realtions in skipper?


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If I understand correctly, has many through only using existing one-to-many relations.

Currently, there is no way how to graphically create/edit such connections via another existing association, but you can define such a method in the derived class and use existing associations generated by Skipper.

If you have any idea how this could be done in Skipper, please share your idea. But for now, Skipper can edit single/many to many, but I'm not sure how to allow such "many-through" associations.

Thanks for prompt reply.. Only way I can see this implemented is like you do with "pivottable" on many-many relation.

You pick the One-Many tool.. Click on A, click on C and in the relation type you select hasManyThrough and select from dropbox Entity B. HasManyThrough takes optionally 4 paramters, so you can explicit giv the B entity foreignkey and C foreignkey.


Visually I would have used a dotted line or different color, going through Entity B.

Thanks, Its sounds like a good idea. I have to discuss it with my colleague if we're able to get it into the existing diagram component.

If so, I will add it to our todo. I will keep you informed.

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