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I have a rather complex Skippermodel from a earlier project. I want to import into a fresh Laravel project..

Is there a way to tell Skipper that some models already have migrations?
Like users, passwordresets and failedjobs are tables created by a fresh Laravel project, so I want these models omitted when I export to ORM. But I want the models in skipper, so I can link relations to them.


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Hello Frode,
sorry for the late reply, I missed the notification.

You can do this for example by importing your whole project (from the database for example), creating the first migration, and then marking this migration as non-exportable.

You can find these settings in the migration management dialog->enable/disable migration export

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I try this. But when I then export, the models like: PasswordReset, FailedJobs and PersonalAccessToken is exported.. normally I do not need Eloquent model for these.

is the field: model-disabled something I can use to prohibit the model from beeing exported to ORM?

Ok, so you also need to disable models export, not only migrations ;-)

In this case, you can use model-disabled exactly like you mention. You can use this property on a single entity or you can disable a whole module export

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