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Will Zend Framework ever be added as an option for selecting the MVC Framework? I've never used CakePHP or Symfony with ORM Designer so I may be misunderstanding the use of selecting a framework. Certainly, it doesn't stop me using ZF2, Doctrine 2 and ORM Designer, I just wondered if there could be any advantages?

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Zend framework was already added in last release ;-)

But to be honest, there is currently no difference between "Without MVC" and "Zend FW".

In case of Symfony framework, ORM Designer uses different search paths in automatic importers. But in case of ZendFW the same algorithm is used when no MVC is selected as same as when ZendFW is selected.

The main reason why we added ZendFW is because a lot of users was consufed if they can use ORM Designer if they're using ZendFW.

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Thanks for clarifying this, I've not tried v2 recently, maybe I missed it but I did notice Doctrine 2 annotations support does what I was hoping any ZF integration would do.

One thing I will add is that using Zend\Db with ORM Designer would be useful for smaller projects where Doctrine 2 is overkill but ORM Designer would be useful. Although more a DBAL than an ORM there could be model generation. I know that this was looked at with the previous version of ORM Designer?

Lookin forward to the final release anyway! Can't wait :D

ORMD2 supports annotations but only for D2 ORM (no matter on MVC. The behavior is the same for Symfony, Zend or any other MVC). ORM Designer uses annotations only to define ORM models (instead of exporting model to XML or YML)

We can add support for ZendDB in the future, but I can't promise it right now. All will depends on several factors and number of users who demand this feature.

You can try ORM Designer2 right now. Already published version is very close to final release.