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A few weeks after loading a "beta-patch" to correct an issue I reported concerning imported table fields being out of order, there is now an odd maintenance warning popping up when I open the app. There doesn't appear to be any action buttons in the message window, nor can I find a way to "check for updates" within the app. Should I just download and re-install with the latest version?

( See screenshot below and this thread: https://www.skipper18.com/support/4165/possible-laravel-eloquent-maintains-currently-alphabetical )

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After my maintenance expired, the message changed with an actionable button. I renewed my maintenance, and the message went away. Please close this one when ready.

Thanks as always!

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Hello Stephen, sorry for the late reply.

I believe this issue is caused by the custom system theme.

What OS are you using and what theme, please?


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