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For a new project I need to use the SLIM4 framework instead of my trusted laravel. I have added Eloquent and will do migrations through phinx (from cakephp).
I want to use skipper for databases design, ORM class generation and migration. I almost got it working but two thing are still giving me trouble:

  • the generated filename for migrations are of a form that phinx does not understand, and I can't find a way to make it more succeptible. skipper generates yyyymmddtttttt{name}.php but phynx does not recognise this file, it needs yyyymmddtttttt_{name}.php. Is there any way to set the output filename format for migration files?

  • the migration class (use top of migration file) is fixed at Illuminate\Database\Migrations\Migration. In my case that needs to be \Migration\Migration which is the class that extends the phinx abstract mygration class. Is there any way to setup the template(?) skipper uses?

all the best!

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Thank you for your message. Unfortunately phinx is not supported and we're not able to easily modify the current export to support what you need.

This would mean creating complete support for phinx and probably there will be necessary more changes than these two mentioned.

Bot changes you're mentioning aren't defined in any user-based template but hardcoded in the framework support including some other dependencies.

In case more users will be interested in phinx support we can consider the full phinx implementation later. Thanks for the understanding.

Ok, good to know, I dont have to search for some settings.
I'll do a little search and replace script before starting the migration.
That'll work just fine for now.

I believe it's the best way how to solve it.

You can hack Skipper .osc files with export routines to execute these modifications.


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