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I have two entities in which I have created a Unique Constraint index. One table has a field called emailAccount . When I export to ORM and doctrine imports the Entity it creates the column as email_account. When the Annotations are created I get the following line

  • @ORM\Table(uniqueConstraints={@ORM\UniqueConstraint(name="TenantUniqueEmail", columns={"emailAddress","tenant_id","id"})})

emailAccount doesnt exist as a column name so I have to manually modify the file to state email_address. Is this expected behavior, or is there a way I can modify a config to include the table name and not the entity name?

Is this more of an issue with Doctrine?

Thanks for any help you have.


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In case you need to export a different column name than the field name, you can use the "column name" property in ORM property editor.

You're experiencing this issue probably because @UniqueConstrains needs to have column list, not field liest. So you need to configure your Colum name properly.

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