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Hey everyone, i just wanted to say that one thing that has always been a pain is the time it takes to write out all the properties and model relationships into the code comments in order to get autocomplete in your IDE's.

I would imagine that this could be a very simple task for skipper to handle this because all of the relationships are already being defined for you.

Would it be too much to ask for the function return methods to show the proper relationships, and the abstract models to list out all the columns on the database along with their types?

* @property int $id
* @property string $the_thing
* @property \Carbon\Carbon $created_at
* @property \Carbon\Carbon $updated_at
* @property \App\Models\Relation $relation

That type of stuff would be super helpful and save us countless hours of typing :)

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Hello, thank you for the suggestion.

Unfortunately, although this can look like a very simple task, in reality, it's very hard and almost impossible to achieve.

Only to be sure, we're talking about Doctrine ORM or Laravel ORM?

Because in Doctrine, Skipper is updating only @ORM annotations and we're not able to export/modify/remove any other annotation. It's because is very hard to touch other @annotations and not break anything else. (For example, when the property is removed from ORM, this doesn't have to mean that the user wants to remove it also from the code, etc.).

On the other side, in Laravel, we're exporting complete base model file and we should be probably able to export also these properties (but only to the base class, not to derived class).

So, now it depends about which ORM framework we're talking ;-).

Thanks for the quick follow up Ludek,

In this case, I'm referring to Laravel's ORM and the abstract models which are directly generated from skipper. I see these models get completely overwritten every time you do an export, so it would be VERY beneficial to do that for anyone using the Laravel Eloquent ORM...

Great, Laravel is the better option ;-).

In this case, would you be able to send me an example project where we can see any possible combination you want to generate?

We're not native Laravel devs so would be great to have any sample which we can use. Also would be great if we can cooperate on testing after we implement it.

If you agree, please contact me directly at [email protected]


Hello Ryan, I'm not sure you're receiving my emails. Unfortunately, I didn't receive original attachments with the examples.

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