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I can't remember when it was happened, it seems Skipper's internal data has been collapsed.
When I try to add a index to some entities, I get error like:

Sqlite get data next row failed (1)
INSERT INTO [IndexField]([uid],[uuid],[tmpDirtyFlag],[index_id],[field_id],[ownerProject_id]) VALUES (6008,'b1a9ca0f-8ea6-4cc0-b26d-f02c912b6ad6',1,24,847,1);

I can add indexes if I edit Skipper's XML file directly, but this error persists.

Is there any way to "reset" internal data structure?

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the internal data structure is reset with every application restart. If you're getting this error also after an application restart, it would be caused by something in the project.

Can you please share your project with us, together with the step-by-step how to invoke this error? If so, please send it to [email protected]


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