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I'm storing a skipper.module.xml file within a package that is then distributed via composer to an application that has a Project.skipper file.

When I then make any visual changes to the project file (e.g. to get things lined up better since there are inheritances in the application that don't show at the module level) this ends up saving them to the skipper.module.xml under the vendor directory.

When trying to perform composer update, if there are updates to the module, there are changes which I then have to discard (by rerunning the composer update command with --no-interaction and "discard-changes": true set in the config).

Aside from that last point just being an annoyance, I can work around it, however when I then reopen the project file the visual styles are all over the place and I have to realign things to make sense on the project level. So my question is, is it possible to set the visual styles at the project level and leave the vendor files unmodified?


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Currently, this is not possible. But it's an interesting idea so we will investigate it.

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