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We recently bought multiple licences but we are encountering an issue with exporting a Laravel ORM. Whe have a many to many relation between 2 tables. But the ‘belongsToMany’ function in the export is named incorrectly.
table a is named: accomodations
table b is namen: facilities
intermediate table is named: accomodationfacility
al are named this way from building the ORM in Skipper.
But the relation function in the models that are exported have the wrong table names in them. in this case it has the table name: ‘accomodation
facilities’ wich is incorrect.

Can you please fix this. Cause every export these thins get replaced by the new exported absract model classes.

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Thanks for sending the demo project file. You're right, there is a bug in the export logic.

I already localized it and fixed it (it was a bug when deciding whether it is polymorphic-MN or common-MN, because polymorphic is in the plural form).

I already pushed the fix to our build server.

I will let you know when the fix will be ready


Thanks for the REALLY quick reaction.. keep up the good work.

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What Skipper version are you using?

What MN relation are you using? Common or polymorph?

In case that common MN, it's correct that the table is named accomodation_facility in the singular form. This is how Laravel works.

In case that Skipper somewhere exports it in plural form, it's a bug. But to be able to fix it, we would need a demo project with this error.

Please send your complete project (or only the fragment with this issue) to my email [email protected] and we will check it tomorrow.


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new beta with a fix for this issue is ready: https://support.skipper18.com/402/downloads-skipper-beta

Please test it and let me know if everything works as expected.


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Bug has been fixed in this beta. Many thanks