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It would be nice to be able to ignore certain tables/regions/modules from migrations. Just like how the model-disabled property works.

My current solution is to setup a separate project file with just the tables I want. But it is not ideal.

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I'm not sure if such a feature is a good way to go.

Currently, it's possible to disable migrations for a whole model or disable one specific migration through the migration management window.

But feature to disable migrations for one table/assoc/etc can lead to several inconsistencies in the project.

Even the current solution where is possible to disable migrations on a whole module can lead to situations when another table is referring table from the disabled module. Such associations/tables will not be correctly created through the migration process.

What is the use-case for such feature? Why you need to disable migration for one specific table? Wouldn't be a solution to create such "static" tables and disable the migration revision for it?

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Very true.

Part of the value I find in this tool is how well it can visualise/explain a database. There are cases where third party packages often handle their own migrations/models and are "static".

I will try out your advice on creating the static tables and then disabling the revision.


Feel free to let me know if it's suitable or not. If necessary, we will try to find a way how to implement it.

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