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At the moment we have the possibility to show/hide the panels separately. I miss the feature known from different IDEs (Visual Studio is a good example), where I can collapse the panels and make them temporarily visible when needed either by moving the mouse cursor to the edge of the window or by clicking on a narrow stripe left in place of a collapsed panel.

I know the panels can be put outside of the main window but they are still visible and while using multiple monitors, moving the main window becomes tedious.

The "problem" becomes obvious even with a relatively small models, where you have to scroll them quite intense to get to the outer entities. I'm working on a such one with ~25 entities divided into a few modules on a 24" monitor and would like to move the panels "out of the sight" when I don't need them (e.g. when I want to see a "bigger picture"), but also be able to make them quickly visible in order to search for something, edit a property or just for the navigator to jump to some region (there are always models that big, so that they don't fit the screen;)).

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Thanks for sharing your idea on how to improve Skipper.

We can check whether the Qt framework is offering such a feature or if we're able to find any multi-platform component on how to integrate it to Skipper.

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