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I have created a Laravel project with Skipper; I have some tables with relationships.
When I export the project to ORM, I have only the Models file, and not the migrations file.

How I can solve this problem?

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Hello Roberto,

migrations should be exported automatically to the following path


Can you please check it?

In case you will not find such directory, please send me your project to Emails are not allowed and I will inspect it.


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One more idea.

Did you create migration point? ;-)

You need to create migration by clicking on "add migration" button in Ribbon.

Hi, the email address was removed.
You can download the file here: https://cloud.elephantech.it/index.php/s/MCjCWAMF7Cor7a4


It's as I expected. You don't have created migration points.

You need to use this buttons:

enter image description here

Select "Add revision" and confirm it:

enter image description here

An now you can export your migrations.

Let me know if you will be successful with migrations!

Perfect! Thanks!