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I'm not sure if it's even officially allowed to start multiple Instances, but it's definitely possible.

When the second instance starts, a dialog box shown below appears: dialog

The first instance doesn't crash and after skipping the restoration, the second instance works correctly too.

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Hello Radoslaw,

we're aware of this "glitch". This behavior is caused by the inner crash-restoration system. New instance found non-closed inner database so it displayed this dialog.

To fix this issue, it will be necessary to rework the inner system for application state for multiple processes. But such rework can introduce a lot of new bugs and ambiguous states (ie. how to decide which of several states are active instances and which are crashed, how to restore app when multiple states are found, etc.).

Because of that, we decided to keep things simple. Because Skipper allows to open multiple projects in one instance this should not be a big deal.

On the other side, we don't want to restrict application to single-instance only because there is no real reason for this except this dialog ;-).

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Hi Ludek,

I guess it wouldn't be a big problem for the users to simply ignore the message if they knew they can do it safely while opening a further instance;).

Skipper is a really good and reliable application and the ability to open multiple projects in tabs is of great value, but in case one would like to compare two projects, opening them in two separate windows is definitely more ergonomic.
I understand your motivation though and see no point in reworking your crash-restoration system either.

Thanks for kind words and understanding!