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Not sure if this is just something I did or not ... but I have a skipper project that itself includes a number of skipper modules. For some reason (this didn't do this earlier on), whenever I now open up the project, it looks like the following:


No matter how many times I reposition these modules and save, they end up back here whenever I reopen the project. Is there any way I can get them to stay where I want them for this project?

I believe it may be related to them being used in multiple projects which is causing this.

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Gary LOckett

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Hello Gary, as first, sorry for these troubles.

This is very strange behavior. In case you're using modules in several projects, module positions are stored in the main Skipper project file, so modules can be placed in different positions on every project.

Size and position of entities are stored per module, so this setting is shared in all projects.

But none of this should cause the behavior you're describing.

Would be possible to send us your project file together with module files so we can try to replicate and debug the issue here?

If so, please send it to [email protected]


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Resolved via email... My modules had shared UUIDs due to duplicating module XML files.

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Hi Gary,

I just checked your project files and the reason for this behavior is pretty simple.

You (or your colleagues) duplicated existing module file several times.

This caused several modules now sharing the same unique UUID, which is internally used for configuring positions in XML files.

as you can see on these two modules, both have the same UUID.

you need to manually edit these xml files and assign unique id to each module which has the same uuid.


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Thanks again.