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  • App: Skipper v3.2.19.1545
  • OS: xUbuntu 18.04, fully updated
  • ORM: Doctrine 2, annotations driver


Every time I try to export the model to the ORM some of my entities are changed in an unexpected way:
This change is made every time I correct it manually, and obviously the Skipper shouldn't touch code inside of the methods ;)

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Thanks for the report. This is probably caused by something unusual/invalid in the file. Some uncommon formatting, invalid escape characters, etc.

To be able to fix it, I would need this complete Php file together with Skipper file with this entity.

It's sufficient to erase all other entities from Skipper project as same as erasing all inner logic from the Php file as long as this error still occurs.

If possible, send such project and php file to my email [email protected]


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