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I have a module.xml that I would like to use to offer a datatype. My packages are split into composer repositories with a *.module.xml file stored in that repository containing the entities for that module.

What I wish to do, is use that to offer a *.skipper.cfg.xml along side it.

I can see 2 possible solutions:
- Load skipper configuration files stored in the same directory as skipper module files
- Allow the skipper module files to store configuration that can be shared (specifically data types)

Are either of the above solutions possible now?

Kind Regards,

Gary Lockett

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Hi Garry,

currently, configuration files are allowed only:

  • per Skipper application directory
  • per user settings directory
  • per project directory.

Module configuration files aren't currently available. It's an interesting idea but I'm not sure if such a feature will not bring some conflicts.

Imagine a situation when two modules have two opposite rules. How to solve it? There is no ordering between modules. So such configuration will be completely random.

The current behavior is explained here: https://help.skipper18.com/expert-usage/customization/configuration-files/

I will discuss it with my colleagues if we're able to implement also per-module support and let you know.

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Essentially my goal is to include a skipper module schema with all of my components so that they can be reused across multiple applications (e.g. a user module). This works great so far except that the datatypes need to be specified on the application level each time.

I am currently copying the configurations from the modules into the application which suffices for now, however if this could be shared that would be a great bonus.