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In my previous version of skipper I had added uuid_binary as a type. Now that I have updated, I see this has disappeared. Unfortunately, I can not remember how I did it before...

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Kindly advise what file I need to edit in order to add this type!


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check following document page:




You have to create a standalone configuration file (located in your project or in user-settings path) to keep these changes between updates. In case you update Skipper configuration files directly, these files will be automatically rewritten after every update.

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Ok thank you,

So to be clear, if I want my changes to work beyond each upgrade, I need to add a custom file?

As I am on a mac, this would be adding something like:

Doctrine2.custom.skipper.cfg.xml which would be placed in the following folder on mac: /Users/USER/Library/Application Support/Skipper/Configurations/Frameworks

The content would be:

<skipper-configuration xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance">  
                <data-type name="uuid_binary"/>

This assumption is based on the idea that the configs are array merged...

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NB: I updated this as the previous information was not accurate.

Yes, you can place it to

/Users/USER/Library/Application Support/Skipper/Configurations

or you can place it to the directory with your project. Depending if you want to share this configuration between all your projects, or if it is project-dependent.

And regarding content, yes, all configurations are merged by priority described here:


You can omit "image" and "caption" attributes in orm-configuration. Only "name" is required. The rest of the example is correct.

And a side note. uuid_binary is some custom type, or Doctrine2 native type? I can't find any mention about this type.

We use the type for our Ramsey uuid field: https://github.com/ramsey/uuid