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In a previous version of Skipper (over a year old), exporting my ORM YAML files to Symfony would generate gedmo configurations that looked like this:

      'on': create

After updating to the latest version, the output looks like this:

    - timestampable:
        on: create

The quotes being removed for "on" is not a problem, bit the " - " prefix on timestampable is causing errors in our Symfony 3.4 app.

Besides using a different output format like XML, is there a way to adjust the YAML format?

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this issue was discussed several times here in the forum and through the emails.

There are several problems with YAML and Gedmo. The issue is that there are two forms how can be definitions written and some parts of Gemo are using the first form and second part second form.

So when we fix one part, we broke second and vice versa.

Also, there is a clear statement from Doctrine developers that Yaml will be completely removed in near future from Doctrine. So we keep YAML export as was and we're recommending our users to switch to XML or Annotations, which is now recommended by Doctrine developers.

It's pretty easy to switch to XML, simply change ExportFormat in ModuleSettings and store your definition in XML.

You can find more information here:

Here is statement from Doctrine developer:

And here are other threads:

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