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Please make able to manualy change relation-lines join ponts.
Look at that image - a have no way to make it look better.
enter image description here

I try move entity card up/down. Something was changed, but it still looks bad.
And I just waste my time with that attempts to make my scheme look better.
enter image description here

Have a look for that case please
Entity card has point to join relation-lines. User can drag-n-drop line between points.
enter image description here

I don't say that i need drag-n-drop there. Just the way to work with it.
Now i have to move entity cards until all relation-lines makes full-visibility.
enter image description here

Please make something with it!

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Thank you for your suggestion.

We're aware of this limitation. Unfortunately, the current model widget doesn't allow us to do such things so we would have to rewrite the whole model component from the scratch.

We will do our best but I can't promise any term.

Can I ask for the name of the application you're referring?

Its https://www.lucidchart.com online service
Entity-relationship shapes in my case
It just for drawing. Thanks for fast answer

Thanks for link. I will discuss with my colleagues what can we do.

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