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I aligned my entities manually as I think it logical, but after generating a new entity all of them lost their positions and mixed with others and the area of bundle changed bigger (in width) than before.

How can I save their positions if I set them manually or is it a possibility to do this automatically (eg. by their names or relations)?

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Can you please be more specific how your entities lost their positions?

All positions should remain after adding new entities. Can you please create some screencast ?

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I forgot: environment Ubuntu 16.04


Then I created ResponseCode entity.

After - screen left piece
After - screen right piece

wow, this is very strange.

How did you create new ResponseCode entity? It's MN entity, or via Entity tool?

Would be possible to send us your project so we can test it here (to [email protected])? This should never happen.

I created in a bundle with Create Entity function. I sent project to your email.