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Error Message: Container doesn't contain value [attributeTypeFullPathId]


Event class QMetaCallEvent to object CWidgetPropertyEditor (class CWidgetPropertyEditor

Exception diagnostic info:
axCore\axServices\utils\simpleParameter.cpp(28): Throw in function
class String::CSmartString __thiscall
Atomix::Services::CSimpleParametersContainer::GetValue(const class
String::CSmartString &,bool) const Dynamic exception type: class
std::exception::what: Unknown exception Container doesn't contain
value [attributeTypeFullPathId]Unknown container value

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Didn't notice at the time, but it is adding the behavior even with the error

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Please try latest beta https://support.skipper18.com/402/downloads-skipper-beta

I believe it's the same error we already fixed. Thanks

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Yes, this worked, didn't think to check the beta sorry

No problem. I'm glad you tested it.

We will release this beta officialy.