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I need to create a unique index.
This index is based on three fields. One of these comes from an inherited class, but its fields are not available in the index field list.

How can I do that ?
If I add it manually in exported file (as annotation), does skipper destroy it on next export ?


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Unfortunately this is currently not supported. Also as you wrote, in case that you add it manually Skipper will erase it during next export.

ok, that's what I thought.

What if I re-declare the inherited field and I put them as "protected" ?
It seems to work...

As long as it's not the issue for your application it's ok for Skipper. This is how currently working inherited @id too.

ok fine, thanks for you really quick answers !

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This feature is now implemented in latest beta.

Feel free to check it here: https://support.skipper18.com/402/downloads-skipper-beta

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