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ORM Designer, MVC: Symfony2, ORM: Doctrine2

When I click the exit icon on the top right corner while I'm still editing a property (input field still focused), the project tab is closed but everything else stays the same. Trying to close the project then results in an exception "Atomix::exception, Event class QMouseEvent to object (class Qtitan::RibbonSystemPopupBar), Can't fidn the tab in vector"

When I select "Close project" instead of the X the crash is immediate:
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Thanks for detailed description. I see the same here.

I always file bug reports the same way I want my end users to do it. ;)

To be honest, it's pleasure to fix bugs reported in such way ;-). Each bug takes me or my colleague few minutes to find and fix.

The way it's supposed to be. ;) Doesn't take long to compile all the info either.

However, I am currently trying to reproduce a problem with big models where the modules will suddenly overlap, wreaking havoc in the visual model. I can't nail it down in a minimal test case yet.

I'm affraid I know what do you mean. This is some error in area-arranger (3rd party component) which we aren't able to fix and in the future it will be needed to rewrite it.

If it is what I mean, this bug happen when comment is arranged close to the region border and region is close to another region. Unfortunately this bug occurs only sometime and it isn't possible to reproduce it for 100%.

Something like this (but this works correctly):

enter image description here

Yeah, I finally gave up on the minimal test case and opened #320. I saw some other bug report here where you mentioned that the visual model is done by an external library. Please do not rewrite it from scratch just now. ;) Maybe I will just move my modules apart a bit more.

Don't be afraid, we have a large respect to this library, it's a huge piece of magic ;-).

It's a lot of algorithms (packing algorithm) which cause a correct arranging modules and entities on first import, rearranging and resizing modules and lot of other things. It's one of our "todo" after don't have anything else to do ;-)

Bug with application crash found and fixed.

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This issue was fixed in latest version You can download this version here http://support.orm-designer.com/31/download-orm-designer2-here

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