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Symfony3 framework, Doctrine2 ORM.

When exporting Entities that contain an constraint, the columns field in the Table annotation is populated with entity property names, not DB column names. This causes an error if the property names are camelCase and the column names are underscore_case.

In other words, this:

 @ORM\Table(uniqueConstraints={@ORM\UniqueConstraint(name="sns_recip", columns={"snsNotificationId","snsRecipient"})})

should be this:

@ORM\Table(uniqueConstraints={@ORM\UniqueConstraint(name="sns_recip", columns={"sns_notification_id","sns_recipient"})})
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Thanks for info. We will check it.

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Can you please check if you have a correctly configured naming strategy based on this change: https://support.skipper18.com/2727/is-it-possible-to-set-doctrine-orm-naming-strategy-globally


That worked. I didn't realize that was required to be set. Thank you.