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Can you be more specific with your question please? ;-)

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Hello, we have the necessity to create field mediumint and tinyint, but with our skipper version ( is not possible.
Is there the possibility to manage it with a recent version?
Now we usually generate xml for symfony doctrine2 with the version
If we open with the last skipper version a project created with the version is it compatible with the last version?
And the xml generate with the last version is identical to the xml generated with


what ORM framework are you using? As far as I know Skipper offers all data types offered by ORMs. But if missed something, we will add it asap.

Regarding your compatibility question. You can always open the project in newer Skipper version without any complications. Skipper has internal update routines which update the model to the latest version.

Generated XML is usually the same when there were no changes in ORM framework itself.

Our ORM is doctrine2 and sympfony2
In our project
we have to modify and generate new table with field mediumint and tinyint, but apparently is not possibile also in the last skipper version.
In the listbox there aren't mediumint and tinyint
Is it possible to do it?

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Ok, and do you have any link to documentation where tinyint and mediumint is referred as Doctrine2 type?

Because based on this http://docs.doctrine-project.org/projects/doctrine-dbal/en/latest/reference/types.html there is no such datatype

thank you for your support, now we understand the situation

you're welcome.

in case that you need custom data type, you can configure it as described here https://help.skipper18.com/expert-usage/customization/configuration-file-structure/

But you need to extend also Doctrine2 parsers to be able to understand these datatypes