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Follow-up to #244:
Another button to auto-generate the many-to-many table name would be great. Our convention is to use "TableAName2TableBName", but maybe it should be configurable? Either give a bunch of options to choose from ("M2N", "MToN", "MHasN", "MHasN", etc.) or let people define it as "many-to-many infix string" or something.

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It's possible to implement it. Right now we're working on license server features and our new web. But as soon as I have some time I will add it.

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This issue was fixed in latest version You can download this version here http://support.orm-designer.com/31/download-orm-designer2-here

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Ok, we did some tests and it seems it should work. It's hardcoded in the dialog, so no customization right now. Do you have any ideas for another infixes so we can add it before release?

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I suppose depending on code conventions people could also want 
"M_To_N" and "M_2_N".

(changed to code sample so the underscores do not get lost)