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I've been using Skipper for years now, but always with concrete classes.

We've inherited a project which has used annotations and we're very keen to migrate this to a Skipper model.

We have an abstract class AbstractInvite which has (let's say) and id and a name

We then have two super-classes
class ParticipantInvite extends AbstractInvite
class PublicInvite extends AbstractInvite

I can't for the life of me work out how to represent AbstractInvite in Skipper so that the two super-classes will inherit from it.

When I create AbstractInvite in Skipper it creates the class as a concrete class rather than an abstract class...

I'm sure this is my stupidity, but how should this be drawn in Skipper?


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You're probably talking about completely abstract class without any ORM dependencies, right? If so, this entity isn't modelled in Skipper because it's pure Php class, not ORM class.

Thanks Ludek. Yes, you're right - this doesn't have any ORM dependencies... and I understand that it's a pure PHP class. But still, how would I model ParticipantInvite and PublicInvite in Skipper?

ParticipantInvite and PublicInvite classes will be common ORM entities and in you php code you will manually add "extends AbstractInvite" to this php class. Skipper doesn't touch "extends" keyword (because it's not @ORM annotation).

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