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So I have this error. I am trying to update my doctrine schema in console but I get this error.

[Creation Error] The annotation @ORM\Column declared on property Programmes\Entity\Programmes::$id does not have a property named "unsigned". Available properties: name, type, length, precision, scale, unique, nullable, options, columnDefinition

So I read your tickets and found some solutions but they are not working for me. For one, my first of skipper that I downloaded 2 days ago as a trial does not have the blank values for unsigned attribute as was indicated implemented in the new release. So I attempted to add this to my custom template (that I found a solution to in another ticket):

      <!-- put your templates here -->
      <struct name="Field">
        <struct name="options">
          <attribute name="unsigned" type="bool"/>

But this is not getting picked up. I tried to edit the config file directory but I got access denied. So I have to work on my permissions with windows to attempt to get that worked out in the meantime, while I am waiting to get this ticket answered.

Is there anything else I can do? Is there a better custom template attribute to remove it?

When will this get fixed, I am on a trial of your software and I want to know before purchase. Also, when is symphony 3 be supported?

closed with the note: I was able to alter config file directly which added an option to unset this attribute.
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Hi, thanks for your post. You asked a several questions so but the most important one, the first one, without necessary details.

What exactly are you trying to achieve? Are you able to manually edit exported schema (annotations) to get it work what you need? And if so, can you please post schema exported via Skipper and working schema updated manually?

Because based on the error it seems that you're trying to export "unsigned" property which isn't supported via Doctrine. And because of that updating Skipper files doesn't help. But maybe I'm wrong and you are trying to achieve something else.

So please update your post (or send it here through comments) exact schema file (php file with annotations) what is expected Skipper output and what is current output.

Regarding your question about Symfony3, check beta thread here on support site where is Symfony3 available (and will be released soon as stable version).

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I was able to alter the config file and now I have the ability to unset this attribute. I will close the question.