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When i leave Skipper doing CMD - Q, i lose all my work without any warning if i forgot to save before. Is it possible to :

  • Add a warning "Are you sure you want to quit without saving the project?" or "Do you want to save the project before quitting?" (something like that)

  • Or, add an auto-save and ability to restaure a project that we forgot to saved?

That really inconvenient, i lost my work frequently cause it's the only program i use that does not embed this kind of feature.


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Hi, thanks for info. This is very strange because Skipper always testing if there are any modified files. It's probably some OS X depend issue. We will definitely check it. Thanks

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Issue is fixed in last Skipper beta (1335).


It was caused by invalid clearing modify flag after project export. Please try it and let me know if it works for you too.

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