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Is there a way to remove the rather annoying "maintenance" reminder nagger from skipper? I use this ongoing and each time I open it I have to close the thing.

A time will certainly come when I will want to update again, but I don't want to be nagged each time I use the programme.

Such a good product, it does not need nagware.


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Hi, currently it's not possible to remove this message.

It's definitely not a nagware or bug. It's a behavior we decided to implement to notify users maintenance is expired and it's necessary to update it.

It's in user interest to update the maintenance to be able to get latest updates as same as get support (for example here on support site) and be able to access viewer licenses.

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This is the WikiPedia definition of nagware:

Nagware (also known as begware, annoyware or a nagscreen) is a type of shareware that persistently reminds (nags) the user to register it by paying a fee. It usually does this by popping up a message when the user starts the program, or intermittently while the user is using the application.

  1. Does skipper persistently remind people to pay a fee? Yes
  2. Does skipper pop up a message when the user starts the programme? Yes
  3. Is it annoying? Yes.

Skipper has become nagware.

I am happy with my version of skipper, nothing needs to be updated and I don't need or want support. I also don't want to be annoyed by a product I paid good money for.

Just like many other products I use, when I need a major upgrade or in depth support, I pay the upgrade fee. But none of them persistently nag me to do so. More often than not I will skip a number of versions and then upgrade...

My suggestion is this:

  1. First prize, get rid of this horrible apparition completely.
  2. Have it there (if you really must) but include an off switch to remove the (! Maintenance) button completely and stop it from nagging each time it is opens.
  3. And certainly do not charge people to remove the nagware, that would make skipper "extortion ware". (or at the very least, allow people to roll back to a version that does not include the nagware.

That's my feedback, use it, don't use it - if other developers agree, they are free to up or down vote as they feel fit.

Thanks for detailed answer. We will consider how to proceed.

Unfortuantely rollback isn't (and will not be) possible. All versions already contain this feature (As far as I remember from version 2.0 when we migrated to our own license server). So any update we will implement will be included in future version which will not be available for update in case that your maintenance is expired.

Regarding popup window. I didn't remember how exactly Skipper behaves in case of expired maintenance so I need to check it in my office.

But I believe that expiration icon is completely ok but popup screen should be displayed only when new version is available. But as I wrote, I don't remember how exactly is this part implemented.

Also as you wrote, It would be great if any other developer write his (or her) opinion here. Currently you're the first one who send us such feedback.


Well this is what I would find really useful.

Instead of a pop up -

How about offering a similar button listing the number of improvements that have taken place since the users current installed version. If the user is interested, just click on the icon and scroll through the list of changes.

Knowing what the latest updates and improvements are would be what would inspire me to upgrade to a later version. For instance the GEDMO support feature was a real bonus.

Anyway - Skipper is like a beautiful woman that all the men want to marry, lets not make her the type of woman that nags too much that all the men want to get rid of her after a few months!

It's interesting idea. I will discuss it with my colleagues but I think it should be easy to implement it.