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In ORM Designer 1 there was an ability to create a file named "user-doctrine.cfg.xml" and you would place in in a folder named "config"

For windows user I would open my ORM Applications Data Directory:


On a Mac running Wine it would be:

/Users/YOUR_USER_NAME/Wine Files/drive_c/Program Files/OrmDesignerCore

Where does this file go now on OSX?

I tried using the user Configurations folder, but that does not appear to work:

/Users/YOUR_USER_NAME/Library/Application Support/OrmDesigner2/Configurations
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Note: File name for ORM Designer 2 it has to have .ormd2.cfg.xml extension.

Configuration paths for all platforms are following. First is application path, second is user storage path:

/Users/User/Library/Application Support/OrmDesigner2/Configurations


C:\Program Fiels\OrmDesigner2\Configurations

Also you can anytime check these paths directly in application in "Configuration->System Info"

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Hmm... this is still not working for me.

This is the path I have to the file on OSX:

/Users/manifestinteractive/Library/Application Support/OrmDesigner2/Configurations/user-doctrine.cfg.xml

and the contents of that file look like this:


Not sure what I am doing wrong there, but that file connected us to three of our own behaviors we had written.

Do I need to change the name of the file? Does it need to go into a sub folder?

I tried different things, but did not ever see the behaviors show up as options.

Please take a look to this post: http://support.orm-designer.com/173/solved-editing-custom-list-properties-like-in-ormd1

ORM Designer2 uses slightly different syntax for defining ORM Properties. As you can see in the referred post, you need to change your file content like this:

  <orm-configuration name="Doctrine">
    <struct name="Entity">
       <attribute name="Rating" type="decimal"/>

You can also check existing ORMD2 configurations files stored at

/Users/User/Library/Application Support/OrmDesigner2/Configurations

to see another examples.