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Hi everyone,

On one of my projects, Skipper freezes while trying to export an entity file to my Doctrine 2 model folder.

It seems to take over all the available memory allowed to applications after 5 mins or so.

Any help on how to find the origin of the freeze and, if lucky, find the solution ?

I'm on Mac OS X 10.11.3
Skipper Version :

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2 Answers

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Hi, can you try latest 3.2.6 version if problem still occur? (http://support.skipper18.com/402/downloads-skipper-beta)

If so, you can try to turn logging on: https://help.skipper18.com/expert-usage/debugging/application-logging and check log files.

Or you can send us your project and we will test it here.

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This issue is fixed in latest 3.2.6 beta:


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Indeed, this beta fixes the issue.

Thanks Ludek.