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I have a Zend Framework 2 project with Doctrine 2 that is set up to use PSR-4 auto-loading:

"autoload": {
    "psr-4": {
        "Application\\": "module/Application/src/"

When I configure my module's export path in Skipper, I set the 'Relative Export Path' like this: ..\..\MyApp\module\Application\src\ and set the filename format to subdirectories-by-namespace
The problem is that it exports the files to C:\...\MyApp\module\Application\src\Application\Entity\Model\User\ when I want it to be C:\...\MyApp\module\Application\src\Entity\Model\User\.

Feature request:
It would be nice to have an option in the config where I can define the namespace prefix like this:
enter image description here

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Hi, are you testing it on latest beta 3.2.6 or 3.2.5 stable? Because in 3.2.6 we introduced a lot of updates in export path as same as improved import for PSR-4 projects (check changelong)


In 3.2.6 version you can also use regions to define sub-directories for your entities. Also subdirectoris-by-namespace was updated to use relative paths so I suppose your problem should be solved in 3.2.6 too.

Can you please try it and let me know?

I was using version Now I installed the latest beta but the problem still exists.
I set up a test project:

Module Application:

  • Namespace: \Application\Model\Entity
  • Relative export path: Application\src\Model\Entity
  • Filename format: subdirectories-by-namespace

Entity MyEntity1:

  • Namespace: \Application\Model\Entity\ (generated)

Entity MyEntity2:

  • Namespace: \Application\Model\Entity\ Sub\ (first part is generated)

Actual result:
The entities are exported as:

  • Application/src/Model/Entity/Application/Model/Entity/MyEntity1.php.
  • Application/src/Model/Entity/Application/Model/Entity/Sub/MyEntity2.php.

Expected result:
What I would like is that the generated part of entity's namespace (blue in the UI) is stripped before the namespace is appended to the export path defined in the module's settings:

  • Application/src/Model/Entity/MyEntity1.php.
  • Application/src/Model/Entity/Sub/MyEntity2.php.

Thanks for great explanation. I have to check it but I think it shouldn't be possible to update it in this way because other user can rely on this behavior.

For your current situation the simplest solution is to switch filename-format to entityname-only and use region to define Relative export path to sub

enter image description here

This will allow you to define any subdir you need and also all sub-directories will be visually represented via regions

Thanks, that is the workaround I have been using so far but it seems a bit odd to define regions for every level in the namespace hierarchy.

Couldn't the behavior I propose be implemented by adding an extra option psr-4-namespaces to filename-format which strips the generated part of the namespace before exporting?

It will have to be some new switch exactly like you wrote.

I only have to discuss with my colleagues if your way is the unified way how to export PSR-4 namespaces.

I think I read from another user that they are using also PSR-4 but exporting a whole namespace path. So it will have to be something like subdirectories-by-relative-namespace but it's a damn long ;-)

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