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There is an issue with Doctrine multiple level Inheritance.

Example :

I have a Base class with a discriminator (dtype = base)
I have a User class which extends Base (dtype = user)
I have an Admin class which extends User (dtype = admin)

If i want it to work, i need to have in the DiscriminatorMap of Base the three of them. But skipper just put base/user without admin. So, when i want to select my datas from Base, i got an error because Doctrine doesn't recognize admin type.

It will be really great to fix it cause i got to revert those types of annotations any time i export.

Thanks !

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2 Answers

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Do you know that you can configure also base-class value for inheritance?

enter image description here

If you have correctly filled this value and it doesn't work, please send us following files:

  • sample Skipper project where is your use case modeled
  • Doctrine2 schema file where is correctly modeled mentioned use case

Based on these files we will be able to check it and fix it.

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No, that's not my issue. I've sended you an email right now. Problem is with multiple inheritance and a skipper bug, not discriminator default value.

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Multilevel inheritance support for Doctrine2 is implemented in lastest 3.2.6 beta.


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