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So I just noticed that "Taggable" and "Blameable" are behaviors listed in behaviors. My project is setup as a Doctrine 1 project and these behaviors are not supported. In fact, if someone selects a behavior that is not supported, it will cause issues with the code base that tries to implement a behavior that it does not recognize. I labeled this a bug because it will actually break peoples ability to use output from your application if they mistakenly used a behavior for Doctrine 1 they were not aware was only supported in Doctrine 2.

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Hello Peter,

"Taggable" and "Blameable" are extended behaviors from Doctrine1, not Doctrine2. As far as I know doctrine2 doesn't support behaviors at all.

Unfortunately it isn't possible to display these behaviors for Doctrine1 only if your project supports them. It's up to user to use them correctly.

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