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Skipper reports "Latest Available Version" as "" and thus does not trigger an update. However, the download page offers

When I install the new version, the Latest Available Version is lower than "Application Version".

Something awry with the update server?

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Hi Jorn, glad to hear you again ;-).

It's an intention. As referred in latest newsletter we introduced full support for Gedmo extensions.

But because this feature means that any existing Gedmo definitions need to be correctly imported and handled via Skipper we decided to release it only through web and manual download in the first wave.

In second wave we will push it as auto-update to all existing applications but we want to be sure that everything works perfect.

During last month when this version is out we already fixed few issues and based on feedback I think that we're almost ready to publish it to whole audience.

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Hi Ludek,

thank you for the warm welcome back! :-) Finally, a brandnew project where I can start modelling again.

TBH, I didn't really read the newsletter, I only saw "Gedmo extensions" and thought "cool". Thanks for the explanation. I'll see if I can update our model that's using Gedmo and report any issues that might still come up.

Best regards

Great. Any feedback will be appreciated.

In case you're starting a new project you can be also interested in new 3.2.6 beta which brings supports for PSR-0/4 project structures.

In 3.2.6 it's possible to have entities in several sub-directories and use regions to handle these sub-dirs. Each region now can handle specific sub-namespace as well as sub-directory too.

Check latest change log: https://support.skipper18.com/402/downloads-skipper-beta