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When I import my ZF2 + Doctrine2 project using PSR-0 namespaces, I get a "Bundle" for every level of the namespace hierarchy. This makes my skipper model very difficult to read and understand.

I understand the concept of a "Bundle" in Skipper is to represent a single ZF2 Module.

Do I need to import each module separately into skipper? I've tried experimenting with all the Import > Advanced Settings namespace mapping options and none seem to do what I expect.

Ideally I'm looking for a Bundle to represent each {Module} in my ZF2 modules/ folder which looks like this:

I can then group the sub-namespaces into regions?


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It's strange that import doesn't work as expected.

It's strange that this import doesn't work for you. We implemented this feature some time ago so nested namespaces should work. Each region can have its own namespace and any region can be nested to another region.

Would be possible to share your project with us so I can test it here? The problem is probably caused by something unusual on your project which causing that Skipper doesn't detect regions correctly.

It's sufficient to share only .php files which contains ORM schema files. All these files will be treated as strictly confidential. If it would be possible please send it directly to my email [email protected]


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Ability to import PSR-* entity structures is introduced in latest Skipper beta


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