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My problem is that the description fields of entities won't exported to orm files.
I created a complete complex database with Skipper and I filled all of the description fields hoping that it will be exported too. But I see it is not an option currently. So my description fields are all useless because no one can see it only me in Skipper.

Is there any possibility to export it as at least a comment in the php annotations for doctrine 2? Or any other export possibilty? Any way to export those comments at least into text files?


Matyas Majzik

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unfortunately there is currently no way how to export descriptions from Skipper to source code or anywhere else.

It's because there is no unified way how to do that and when we tried to find a possible solution there wasn't uniform opinion from our users.

In case you need to share your model descriptions with other developers give them your free Skipper viewer licenses where they can browse whole model.


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