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I would love to see some keyboard shortcut integration. For example, when I want to add a new field to an entity when I am in the process of editing it. If I am creating a new entity I am constantly moving my mouse up to the add field button ( see the tab key bug I filed for why I have to move my mouse away from this button ).

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This feature was implemented in latest version You can download this version here http://support.orm-designer.com/31/download-orm-designer2-here

For MacOS users we create following shortcuts

CMD+I insert field at the end of list
CMD+SHIFT+I insert field to current position
CMD+D remove field


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ORM Designer2 already supports these shortcuts. You can use INSERT to insert new field at the end of list, CTRL+INSERT to insert field to current position, DELETE to remove field.

You can see all these shortcuts if you move cursor to "Add field" button and wait few seconds:

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As I wrote in the email, I would like to discuss what kind of shortcuts "native" MacOS developers would like to use for this here.

We're considering something like Command+I to insert to the last position and Shift/Alt + Command + I to insert to the current position. Remove field is currently mapped to "DEL" key. Should we keep it or map it to something like Command+D ? Or maybe Command+ "numeric+" and Command + "numeric-" ?