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Hi everyone,

I undergo what seems like a bug on a quite random but frequent basis.

It happens sometimes that I create an Entity (which by default is called UnnamedEntity), which I rename to the name I want (for example MyAwesomeEntity). Even if the Entity Block appears with the correct name on the diagram and the entity list, it still appears with "UnnamedEntity" on the fields for a association or a many to many relation.

And when I export to my ORM (Doctrine 2), the class name is "UnnamedEntity", and so is the Namespace (....\MyBundle\Entity\UnnammedEntity).

I would like to help you reproduce it, but I can't do it. It really happens randomly, I don't know how.

Screenshot of the property editor showing the different names of entity

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Hi, thanks for report. We have some clues what can cause this problem. We will investigate it and let you know.

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We were finally able to reproduce this issue based on feedback from another user. Fix for this issue is available in our latest beta

Feel free to download it from here: http://support.skipper18.com/402/downloads-skipper-beta

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