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Using Doctrine DBAL 2.5.2 / ORM 2.5.1

@ORM\Embedded(class="DateRange", useColumnPrefix=false)

must be

@ORM\Embedded(class="DateRange", columnPrefix=false)
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Thanks for message.

It seems that there is an inconsistency in Doctrine2 specification because in XML this is a valid specification:

<entity name="User">
    <embedded name="address" class="Address" use-column-prefix="false" />

but in annotation this is a correct form:

  /** @Embedded(class = "Address", columnPrefix = false) */

We have to find a way how to allow to define single property for two different names. In the meanwhile feel free to manually update Doctrine2.cfg.xml file located in installation directory and update "use-column-prefix" definition to "column-prefix".


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Thank you for your answer, I find a solution to avoid the edit of the configuration file:
I just encode "false" in column-prefix string value.enter image description here