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I know you guys think all your users are prefect, but I am far from it. When I accidently move a module, or entity, or create a bad association... it would be amazing to have an UNDO function. Obviously, the REDO would be helpful to. This has been missing since V1 and I was hoping it would make it into V2.

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Just saw that this was in progress of getting integrated. You guys rock !!!

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Undo/Redo is now implemented and released in the latest version, Skipper.

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We know this feature was missing in ORMD1 and we have plans to implement it to ORMD2 as soon as possible. But we had to make decision which features will be available immediately at ORMD2 and which we start implementing after we release first stable version.

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+1 for this feature. I've purchased this and am surprised it didn't have undo/redo. One of the first things I did when playing was hit ctrl+z!

I hope to see it very soon. Keep up the good work!