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I've having some troubles with Doctrine Annotations.
When i export, everything is quite perfect expert annotations.

For code purpose, i put the type of my var in annotation, that makes something like :

 * @var integer
 * @ORM\Column(type="integer", nullable=false, name="experience_points", options={"default":0,"unsigned":true})

But, sometimes, there is issue with that. I export and i have that result

 * @var
 * @ORM\Column(type="integer", nullable=false, name="experience_points", options={"default":0,"unsigned":true}) integer

Not always happing, but happens for example when the ORM like didn't exist and is created after property or when i drop and recreate column, or other times randomly.

That's a bit annoying cause @ORM like is false (there is "integer" after that does'nt make sense) and my @var is false too.
Is that possible to check if there is other annotations and do not touch them (@JMS, @var...)


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Hi, thanks for report. This is a definitely bug and Skipper should not touch @var annotation.

It seems to some issue in our php parser in combination with export mechanism. Can you please simulate this issue and send us your php file with skipper project (it's enough to send project with this single entity), so we can try it here?

We already have a tons of unit-tests which testing exactly this cases but there are a infinite number of combinations and obviously one of them causing this problem.

Please send it to my email address [email protected]

Thank you!

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