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My first post, I am trying to check the trial version.
I get the following error msg. Any explanation?
thks mario

 [[email protected] skipper]# ./Skipper
    Starting application
    [Skipper for linux 32-bit] version []
    Qt libraries: loaded: 5.4.1 (compiled: 5.4.1)
    *** Unhandled Atomix exception
    *** Qt information:
    Error <boost::exception> sending event 11QMouseEvent to object btnNext (11QPushButton)
    *** Exception information:
    axLibraries/axRemoteService/communication/encoders/structToWebRequestEncoder.cpp(135): Throw in function bool Atomix::RemoteService::CStructToWebRequestEncoder::DecodeWebResponseToResponse(long int, const XString&, const XString&, const XString&, Atomix::RemoteService::TmapWebRequestHeaders&, Atomix::RemoteService::stRemoteServiceResponse&)
    Dynamic exception type: Atomix::exception
    std::exception::what: std::exception
    Unknown data type [text/html; charset=UTF-8]

    Initialization application failed. Exiting app...
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2 Answers

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it seems that your computer isn't able to connect to our license server. Without trial license validation it's not possible to execute the application

Are you able to open following url address?


Maybe you have configured some proxy or firewall which blocks Skipper communication with the license server.


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In case your computer is behind firewall which doesn't allow you to use HTTPS, you can redirect the traffic to common HTTP protocol.

More about this procedure is available in this thread: http://support.skipper18.com/2224/problem-connecting-license-curl_easy_perform-couldnt-resolve

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