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New version of ORM Designer 2 will introduce new feature (already known from ORMD1) - External tools. The functionality rests the same as in original ORM Designer. External tool configurations are stored in local registry/ini files. External tools are supported on all available platforms

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Yay! Good to have the feature "back". I was already missing it from ORMD1. ;)

But where can I see the output?

Hmmm ;-). Application is executed by internal Qt mechanism and it seems that it doesn't show the output. I check it what can we do.

Also, it should spawn a new process. I tried including our build process (with Phing), which takes about a minute and during that time ORM Designer is not reacting.

Key for both issues (display output and don't wait for exit) was in QProcess::startDetached(). Next release will contain this update.

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External tools are released.

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