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Hi, I am trying to 'Export to ORM'. I have two export paths set up in this dialog, but I only want one. At the moment it uses the wrong one which is the second on the list. How do I remove one? and why am I allowed two in the first place?


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can you please post screenshot with two export paths? I'm not aware of such dialog in our application.

Maybe you're referring to module edit dialog where you can configure "Storage path" and "Export path". But this is two different things. The storage path helps you to split your project to several modules stored on different places. And export paths tells Skipper where to export your schema files.

For more info check this article: https://help.skipper18.com/how-to-use/application-concepts/shared-modules

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enter image description here

It is the Project Export dialog

Oh, this dialog.

These two rows means that you have two modules in your project. Each module have it's own export path. In case you want to export all to single directory, configure export path to exactly you already have.

Maybe you have second module empty?