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I would like to export project diagrams with :
- entityName and attributes
- tableName and columnNames

In my case, they are almost always different. And a pdf export can be mailed to someone, archived, etc.

Example with parenthesis (could be on 2 lines maybe)

  id (id_col) : integer
  name (name_col) : string(255)
  enabled (is_a_bool_col) : boolean

Is there a way to print a pdf file with more data?
Or could it be considered as a feature request?


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currently this is not possible so I will add it to feature-request category. If more users will be interested in such feature, we should implement it in the future.

In the meanwhile, if you need to send such model to someone else, simply send him your project exported as "Single-file":

enter image description here

together with Skipper model Viewer license key (available in your license page). Thanks for this your customer/colleague can simply browse your model with all ORM attributes.

Skipper viewer license can be activated on unlimited number of computers for free as long as you have active maintenance for your full license.

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