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I would like to try Pulpo as a viewer for my Skipper files, but the Mac bundle seems broken.

The content is not packaged on a .app file so I can't run it.


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New Pulpo version was released with fixed OS X dependecies.

Feel free to download it from https://www.pulpo18.com/

or directly from http://downloads.pulpo18.com/

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It works, thanks.

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this is a correct. Pulpo isn't GUI application but command line tool. So there is no .app package. You need to use command line to generate model from your schema files:

pulpo -import-project project/path/Test -orm Doctrine -export-image image/path/output.png
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It doesn't seem to work neither.

Maybe links to libraries have an issue since we get an error with QtPrintSupport not found.
It search libraries with an absolute path, and since with don't have Qt installed on our computers, it can't find them.

Strange, all necessary libraries should be shipper and paths should be correctly pointed to inner directory. We will check it. Thanks

Did you find a solution?

We still can't use it.